Sexy story of a sexy girl


As you can see, a sexy and young girl is standing at the bus station and waiting for bus to pick her up. She wears sexy shorts and shows that she has really good looking legs. But freaks like us would like to find out more about this girl! And since we are a little too shy to simply come to the girl and ask her name, or simply ask her out, we better do it in the way which doesn’t involve any speaking. That’s how pantsed girls interact with us :)

Tada! The pants are going down, girl! Too bad the guy was too shy and slow, and couldn’t remove her panties, so we could see her pussy. Well, anyway. You are here, and that’s good. You now can enjoy watching the best pantsed scenes, like this one for example. Sexy pink chick is getting ready to be pantsed, and even though she doesn’t know what waits her after a minute or two, she will be made in the hardest way , lol. You know what, if you visit the publicViolations site, they will show you many more videos like that. Don’t be stupid, go there right away and enjoy it! Lot’s of sexy girls and only one password to obtain..

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Ooops, where are my shorts? That’s what this girl is probably thinking right now. She would like to get them back on the ass cheeks as fast as possible.. But it’s not always so easy. I hope you had enough of this scene, your dick is already done? No more masturbation? Or you would like to masturbate a little bit more? If your answer is yes, you will have to pursuit even more images, movies of pantsed girls. That can be done by simply clicking on any of the pictures out there.

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Ok Let’s go back to the beginning. She will put back her shorts, and everything will look usual, like nothing happend. But it did! We saw lots of stuff and that’s why our dicks are now so happy. I’ve masturbated and already shot my load, what about you? :) you still not done and would like to beat it ? Simply enjoy all the pantsed girls videos on the site PublicViolations – you can reach it by clicking on any of the pictures or screenshots on our site!

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